May 24, 2010

New shop opening in Barcelona; Shana

Saturday when I was walking around in town, I noticed that everybody was walking around with bags from a shop called Shana.
When I finally found the shop, in Portal d'angel (Barcelona's main shopping street), where Stradivarious used to be, I had to enter.
I was pleasant suprised; Shana was a huge shop with modern clothes all for Primark prices (veeery cheap).

Some of the clothes were a bit "teenagy" and some looked a bit too cheap, nevertheless, I did manage to find a few things:

A long thin cardigan - price: 6€ (45 kr.)

A vest, also made out of thin material (perfect for summer) - price: 5€ (38 kr.)

A black and white scarf - price: 3€


  1. Nice! Can´t wait to check it out next week!!!

  2. I went there one month ago while spending my holidays in spain - i also loved this shop. i've never heard of it before but i bought lots of clothes and they were soo cheap! <3

  3. My parents bought two dresses for me, from that shop when they were on holiday :D

  4. Hello!
    I have just been there this weekend and LOVED it!
    Of course, some of the clothes are too simple and young, but, if you look carefully, you can find a lot of very cheap basics and very fashion!
    Got addicted!

  5. shana replaced stradivarios in mirimar mall too, i LOVE it ;)

  6. ohhh! shana is a lovely shop! <3