April 11, 2010

Penneys equals Primark

I was recently in Dublin, Ireland, the country of origin of Primark. The main shop in Dublin was easy to find as it was on the main street; O'Connell street. Nevertheless, in it's home country Primark has another name, which is Penneys. But when you enter the shop and see the products, they are all marked with Primark and they have the same products as anywhere else, so its basically the same thing.
The shop has 3 floors, but is quite small compared to the Primarks you will find in England. But I did manage to find a few bargains...

A grey jumper with embellished shoulders - on sale for 3€

Baggy jeans with an elastic band at the ankles - was 17€, on sale for 5€

Sailor type jumper with red buttons at the shoulder - 6€

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