April 28, 2010

Hakei - nice new discovery

I just discovered this new clothing shop, Hakei. Even if the name sounds Japanese, apparently it's a Spanish clothing shop. As far as I can see from their website, they have shops in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and in the Basque country - basically only in Spain.
The style of the shops is trendy, sort of urban and casual - reminded me a bit of comptoir des cotonniers (French, a bit overprices clothing chain).

The clothes are okay, nothing out of the ordinary. Prices are a bit higher than where I normally shop (read H&M), but not over the roof neither..

But honestly, first time I visited the shops, I didn't even looked at the clothes. What caught my eyes were the bags! Cool, beautiful leather bags in all sorts of size and shapes. And what's more, they are not even that expensive (at least compared to the prices of the clothes). They all cost between 100 - 150€ (around 1000 kr.) which I definitely am willing to pay for a nice bag (which I normally have troubles finding!).
Here are some examples (I have not made up my mind yet, which is my favourite)

Worth mentioning are also the shoes - many of them also made of nice soft leather..

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  1. I would deff. take the bag in the top picture out of the two - its nicccceeee...