April 15, 2010

2hand shopping

Yesterday I went to have a look in a local 2hand store - and I managed to find a few bargains!
I found a pair of shiny trendy shooes (ideal for work) with silk ribbons - very nice ones and in my size! The best thing was that they where only 30 kr. (4 Euros) 

Furthermore I found a top, blue with white dots, which I can always use. It was only 15 kr. (app. 2 Euros)

The last thing I found was this grey top - the label is "Marlene Brandt", a danish label which is normally a little expensive but becaurse it was 2hand I got it for only 35 kr. (4,5 Euros)

All in all I think I got some good bargains!

1 comment:

  1. Sikke nogle gode køb! Skoene er jo perfekte :D