October 11, 2010

Hollister in Barcelona - part 2

As I before have announced on the blog; Hollister opened their doors in Barcelona last week. This, along with the newly opened Apple shop, I had to go and check out. So along with many, many other people, I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon in the shopping centre, la Maquinista. (To get there, take the red metro line to Sant Andreu).

After arriving my friends and I went directly to the Hollister shop. There, as much expected, two nice looking guys, only wearing red surfer shorts and sunscreen on their noses were standing in the entrance. As we entered, they greeted us with a "Hey, what's up?" with a well studied American accent (not entirely hiding the fact that they were Spanish though).

(unknown girls on the picture)

The shop was darkly lit with a TV screen in the back with a beach and very crowded. I started to search around for the guys who in an American shop just would stand around to say Hi and look good, but to my disappointment all the sales assistants were actually busy selling, and not all of them were that good looking.
I am not really a fan of the clothes, nevertheless, I had a look. The clothes were quite basic, some of it okay, but I would never buy anything in there because of the prices. 40 euros for a normal cardigan and over 20 euros for a basic t-shirt! Yes, sex sells but not to that extent!
Anyways, that was my opinion. A lot of people seemed not to share it as there were long lines by the dressers and by the till. Some of my friends tried to buy some clothes, but after waiting for 20 minutes to try the clothes on and then an additional 15 minutes in the queue without moving one meter, they gave up. So my advice would be, don't visit the shop on weekends!

I also visited the newly opened Apple store. The shop was nice and huge and looked exactly like any Apple shop you would find in the States. The only thing I can say about the shop is that I think it is a shame it is not in the centre of the city.

From this experience I can only say that I probably won't be taking the trip to La Maquinista before/if Forever 21 opens there.


  1. hi!Hollister is one of my favourite brands and I`m in barcelona with my mom, so do you know what is the fastest way to get there?is far from the center of barcelona?How long is drive from the center of barcelona?

    answer me as soon as you can

  2. Hi Carlota,

    As I also mention above, the easiest way to get there is to take the red metro line, number 1, to the station Sant Andreu. From there you need to walk 5-10 minutes.

    You can take the red line from Pl. Catalunya and it will take more or less 15-20 minutes.

    This link will give you a map where the metro is situated from the shopping centre: http://w20.bcn.cat/Guiamap/Default.aspx#x%3D33283.361%26y%3D88420.842%26z%3D3%26c%3DK001%26w%3D978%26h%3D507%26p%3D33283.361%2C88420.842

    Have a nice shopping ;)


  3. Thanks so much for the instructions, you have helped a lot after hours of searching before!