October 3, 2010

More things to fill up the closet..

A little update of the things I bought during the week..

Black shirt from H&M - 10 euros (75 kr.)

Just to have a little something in navy - short sleeved blazer. Discounted from 30 euros to 15 euros.

Black boots from Stradivarius (another of the shops from the Zara clothing empire, Inditex) - they were 40 euros (300 kr.). Simple black boots that will go with most things, a must have in my fall-winter wardrobe.

Okay, so this goes on my wall and not in my closet.. I got big white walls in my apartment, so I decided to buy a clock to fill out some of the space on my living room wall. I got the clock from Casa viva for 35 euros. The great thing about it is that you put the numbers where you want, which means that you decide which size it gets. We arranged it to have 1 meter in diameter, and the result is big and nice.

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