September 2, 2010

Zara goes online

The Spanish clothing giant Zara has today launched their online shop, making it possible to buy the same collections which are currently in shops, online. For the moment the online shops have opened in Spain (of course), the UK, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany. When the online shops are going to be available in the smaller European countries, there is no news about.

It costs 3.95 euros in Spain (3.95 pounds in England) to get the clothes sent home to you. There is also the option of picking the package up in a shop near you.

It is about time we see an online store from Zara - it's competitors like H&M and Mango has been selling their clothes online for a while already. Apparently, Inditex wanted to make sure there was a market for online sales before launching it.
Well, now a days that people are almost doing more or at least equal amount of shopping online as in the shops, it will probably be a big success...

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  1. Great news! Especially now when they closed the store in Århus!!