June 24, 2013

New stores in Barcelona - Passeig de Gracia

Over the last couple of months a couple of new stores have opened in Passeig de Gracia. In Passeig de Gracia you can normally find the most exclusive luxury stores, nevertheless, lately a trend is being noticed with the stores in this street. The luxury stores are closing their stores in the lower part of the street, moving them higher and higher up towards Calle Diagonal. At the lower part of the street (closer to Plaça Catalunya), more and more high street stores are opening, just like the ones being presented below.

 Firstly, the store Brandy & Melville has opened in Passeig de Gracia crossing with the street Diputación. Brandy & Melville is (according to their website) an original Italian brand, inspired by the LA lifestyle and popular among Hollywood celebrities. There are only seven stores in Europe so far, concentrating on the biggest cities.
For me the clothes reminded me a bit of Urban Outfitters. The store was ok looking but I don't think I will be buying anything in there anytime soon; all the skirts and t-shirts were very short and very urban looking. To my taste, I would have to be 10 years younger or 10 kg lighter to be able to wear their clothing..

The other new store opened is & other stories and is an H&M brand, a more exclusive and high-end brand at the level of Cos, but of course still affordable. It is also a very new brand, the first stores opened spring 2013 and at the moment there is also just seven stores around Europe (biggest cities + Copenhagen and Stockholm).
I have to say that I loved this store. Cool very wearable clothes, lovely shoes and bags (many of them leather items) and many other cute accessories. I will definitely be back when the sales start (and makes everything even more affordable).

I did pick up one thing though.. a little sun cap for a mere 12 euros. All ready for the beach now!

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