September 16, 2011

News in H&M´s HOME collection


I am a big fan of HandM´s HOME collection - they have so much cool, different and cheap stuff there! And luckily they very often - along with their clothes lines, change the collections and get new and trendy items!

Just now, they have once again made a new collection with lots of really nice stuff!
Here are some of the things I really like, but go and have a look yourself!

Pillowcase sold for only 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)
Cool teddy-cushion for 129 kr. (17.32 Euro)

Fabric-bag for shopping, laundry etc. for 39.95 kr. (5.36 Euro)
Really quite cushion-cover for 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)
A pack of two guest-towels for 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)
 Really nice beach-towel also for 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)

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