September 26, 2011

Latest buyings

I have decided to make a small update to show some of the things I have been buying lately... Think I have found quite some nice and affordable things...

A lovely worm and modern cardigan from VILA 
for only 150 kr. (20,15 Euro)
 A porcelain ring from the Danish designer anne black
for 125 kr. (17 Euro)

A really nice top from Gina Tricot
for only 169 kr. (23 Euro)

A vase from Kahler from the new Decorate Shop in Randers
for only 199 kr. (27 Euro) 

A gold watch with diamond "numbers" from Christina London
I found it on sale for 417 kr. (56 Euro) (!!!!) in a jewellery store in Bruuns Galleri unfortunately I don't remember the name of the store.
Cool jeans from HandM
for only 199 kr. (27 Euro)

A pair of Converse shoes from Føtex
for only 350 kr. (47 Euro)

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