August 17, 2011

Karl Lagerfield for Coca Cola

Karl Lagerfield has as he did last year designed a cool Coca Cola Light collection! This year there are 3 different designs to choose from - if you can choose!

As seen on the picture above there all in pink, black and white colours - one with stars, one with stripes and one with dots!

I have only found them one place in Denmark - in 7-eleven! And they only cost 19.95 kr. (2,68 Euro) each. However they sell out really fast, so if you to would like some of these affordable design goodies, hurry to your local 7-eleven and get your bottles!

I choose the ones with stripes and dots! I am considering using mine as candle holders in the kitchen, but they are also very cute with a flower ore simply as a decoration!


1 comment:

  1. Got the one with stars the other day - so now my collection is complete... couldn't help it!