August 22, 2011

Liquorice from Johan Bülow

Ok, this isn't really a fashion update in the traditional sense - like clothes, shoes or interior but in its own way this liquorice is a bit fashionable in itself! And it is soooo delicious!

If you like liquorice - you should really try Johan Bülows... they are really good, they try unusual taste combinations - and you get them in a quite little box!
The newest flavour - and my faw is one called "B" - is is white chocolate covered liquorice with a passion-fruit powder on top! May sound a bit funny - but it really works!

However they are not cheap - they sell for 50 (6,71 Euro) kr. for the "normal" ones and 65 kr.(8,73 Euro) for the chocolate covered ones. But they are worth every penny!

In Aarhus, where I live the chain Decorate Shop sell them and if you are not in the Aarhus area you can order then on this website :


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