July 3, 2011

Shopping on Oxfordstreet

I went to London for a weekend a couple of weeks ago. I honestly never do any thing cultural or touristic when I am in London cos I always manage to spend all my time on Oxford street and this time was no exception.

What I usually do is to start in Topshop where they have amazing clothes and you can spot the latest trends. Nevertheless, for my wallet its a bit too expensive so, I normally end up in the other end of Oxfordstreet in Primark where you can find similar stuff but for much less.

New in Topshop I discovered a mini cupcake sales stand and fish pedicure (seems to be everywhere at the moment).

To find on the ground floor with the accessories.

To find on the -2 floor.

On my down Oxfordstreet towards Primark, I saw that they are opening a Forever21 in London too! Can't wait to visit next time I'm there...

I visited Clarks and found these very practical (especially when its raining, which it of course was) and comfortable shoes. They had a sales, so they were reduced from 39,99 pounds to 24,99 pounds.

In Primark I got the following:

Summer dress, reduced from 10 pounds to 5 pounds.

Another dress, 10 pounds.

Some accessories: Blue ballerinas for 4 pounds, sunglasses 1 pound and shoes for the boyfriend 3 pounds.

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