April 12, 2011

HTC Wildfire all blinged up!!

I just recently got myself a new mobile - I have been keen on HTCs mobiles for a long time but I haven't actually had the economy to buy one until now!
I chose the wildfire model in white - and I must say I am loving it!!
But being who I am I couldn't just have a mobile without some kind of jewellery on it...! So I went to amazon.com and found 3 loooovely rhinestone covers!

They are sooo cool and soo me!

I have put in some pictures of the ones i chose but if you would like to personalize your mobile too go to amazons website and have a look!! Best of all - they are very cheep! And luckily for me, these covers are not sold in Denmark so now i have my very own one of a kind HTC mobile!!

Love it!!


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