February 14, 2011

Last sales bargains...

February is when the stores just want to get rid of what they have left from the January sales - therefore you may be lucky and find something you like and practically get it thrown in your bag for next to nothing!
I found a couple of things in Gina Trocot - I visited both one in Aalborg and the one in Aarhus - this is what I found...

 3 pairs of earrings from Gina tricot in Aalborg.
Was : 59 kr. (6.90 Euros) Now : 15 kr. (2 Euros)

Necklace from Gina Trocot in Aalborg
Was : 129 kr. (14.90 Euros) Now : 19 kr. (2,5 Euros)

Black dress from Gina Tricot in Aarhus
Was : 299 kr. (34.90 Euros) Now : 50 kr. (6.7 Euros)

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