January 16, 2011

Shopping in London

I visited London last week, hoping to enjoy the sales. I think arriving over one week after the sales have started is a bit too late though and I ended up buying most things in Primark as usual..

I have to say that is has been 1,5 years since I had been to London and I found many new shops. It's like you find a selection of the coolest shops in the world and there are all there on and around Oxfordstreet; you will find most of the Spanish shops (mostly Inditex) such as Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Tezenis (was surprised to find a huge shop one of the corners of Oxford Cirkus), you have some of the Danish shops such as Vera Moda and Bik Bok, you have Japanese shops such as Uniqlo and other shops that I personally like such as Urban Outfitters, Dorothy Perkins and All Saints. As always I also visited Topshop on Oxford Cirkus - a great shop but did not find any must-haves this time. Nevertheless, I wanted to reccomend the new restaurant/coffee shop they got downstairs, called Eat. Healthy sandwiches and soups with an Asian twist. I got a vegetable-noodle soup with duck dumplings - yum!

Back to the shopping; I found a long blue skirt in New look, reduced to 10,00 pounds and then the rest I bought in Primark.

I got a long blue cardigan (12,00 pounds),

- a t-shirt (3 pounds), a black cardigan (6 pounds) and a small bag (4 pounds).

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