January 16, 2011

Christmas presents

Since the holidays do not really finish before after the Holy three kings (6th of January) I only recently received my last presents. Here a small recap of the some gifts;

Got mainly clothes and jewellery this year, which is fantastic as it's always something you can use. On the picture; A couple of blouses from H&M, a top from Vera Moda, a dress from Esprit (really cute actually) and a scarf from Dayaday. I also got a jewellery box, a small table (for breakfasts in bed, yeh!), a book, slippers and perfume.

Jewellery wise I got a necklace from my dear boyfriend from Tiffany & Co. and two pair of really cute earrings from family and a friend.

While I was in Denmark for Christmas I also bought a small present for myself; these pair of shoes from Dope, reduced to 200 kr.

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