April 8, 2013

Back to work...

I am starting a new job tomorrow where the dress code is formal. Therefore I went out and got some items to better prepare my wardrobe for my new challenges.

Nude pump wedges from Primark for 12,00€. They are going to be very comfortable to wear during a long work day.

A black blazer from H&M for 29,99€. The blazer will go well with my many dresses - anything can look more formal with a blazer.

In H&M they have an offer right now: if you buy for over 30€, they will give you a gift card for 5€. As I had bought the blazer, I had a 5€ to spend and found this shirt. The shirt was normally 14,99€, but was on sales (mid season?) for 10€. So all in all I paid 5€ for it.

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