August 12, 2012

New Apple store in Barcelona centre

On the 28th of July a new Apple store opened in Barcelona on Paseo de Gracia 1 (on Plaza Catalunya). It has been opened a pair of weeks but I did not have the chance to stop by the store before yesterday.
The store is huge, apparently it is the biggest Apple store in the south of Europe. It has 3 giant floors and there are 300 people working there.

The Apple store has the usual Apple style of many wooden tables with Apple products, so as a client you can try the products before purchase. On the upper floor there are tables for new users, where they can give you training in how to use the products. There are also Genius tables (since I am not one, I am unsure of what they actually talked about at those tables). There were so many sales assistants around (it seemed like there was the same amount of sales assistants as customers), most with that "I am an Apple nerd" look.

It is definitely worth the visit, especially if you are an Apple fan. Nevertheless, on a warm summer day, the upper floor just gets too warm, so for a longer visit maybe wait a until fall.

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