March 16, 2012

LOVE my new bag!!

I have just gotten a new bag - and I really really love it!

As I am a big fan of designer bags but do not really have the economic to buy the really expensive ones - i choose to see if it was possible to find a 2. hand bag - which I could afford.

Most people now know and use the Danish site "Trendsales" and I cannot stress enough how amazing the concept is! It is not only a great place to sell your own things but in deed also a great place to get your hands on many items - which in most cases have been used but it is almost always possible to find some really great deals with items which haven't been used much and pay A LOT LESS than in the shops!

I fell in love with this See by chloé bag - which had only been used 3 times!

The original price was 3500 kr. (471 Euro) 
- I got the seller to agree to sell it to me for only 1400 kr. (188 Euro)!

Just be couches when shopping used items - some of them are fake - be sure to get the recite and dust bag!

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