October 7, 2011

Cool French design to renew your home!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new really cool poster - It is a poster from the very popular French label "Zoe de las cases".

Zoe de las cases is a small internet based shop - selling their products in selected stores.
They sell posters, magnets, cushions, bags, sweet paper cut-outs for decoration and more. Their goods are different, cocorfull and playfull - one of their posters can really give your home a different and personal touch. Best of all is, that their products are very affordable - even with the sendings included!

Their online address is : http://shop.zoedelascases.com/
Go and have a look and get inspired!

A cool paper cut-out of a woman to be placed wherever you wish.
75 kr. (10 Euro)
Posters 37 kr. (5 Euro) each.

A cool cushion for 231 kr. (31 Euro)

posters 37 kr. (5 Euro) each

This is the poster I have at home
- I have hung it with a neon pink thread to give an even more personal look.
50 kr. (7 Euro) in "Holland", a small store in Aalborg.

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